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Through Accelerated Self-Education

Without Traditional...
Public, Private or Home Schooling 🙌

So They Can Get 3 Years Done in 1

Even If...they have learning challenges or labels 

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Kristi Kennedy

Founder/CEO, Self-Educate U
Published Author & National Speaker

  • Kristi is a Faith Filled, Widow by Abandonment, Mother to Five Who Are Blessed With Success, Thriving in Life, Thanks to God showing her how to create the Self-Educate U Shortcut to Success Framework that's Continued to Deliver Results into Adulthood, Marriage and Their Own Families.
  • Kristi Is The #1 Most Experienced Mom on The New Self-Educate U Shortcuts to Success Framework - it's NOT Traditional Public, Private or Home Schooling. She Gives all Glory to God for helping her create these shortcuts!
  • Founder of Self-Educate U Shortcutters ~ The SMART Way to Educate, Developed Over Three Decades of Refining, Testing, Investment, Trial and Error That's Now a Proven Method Helping Others Reach Their Own Shortcut to Success in All Areas of Life - Faith, Family, and Future!
  • ​She's Had Proven Outcomes Helping Other Parents Shortcut Their Kids’ Success and Transform Their Family's Lives In Ways They Never Dreamed Possible! 
  • Kristi is Certified in Outcomes Based Programs and is Youth Mental Health First Aid Certified through the National Counsel for Behavioral Health.
  • ​Kristi Personally used the Self-Educate U Roadmap to Invent Medical Mapping™ and Successfully Gain Acceptance into a PhD Program in Natural Medicine specializing in Stress Induced Illness ~ How to Prevent, Reverse and Recover...Something Everyone Wants to Know!
  • ​She's an Entrepreneur in Residence at Cedarville University mentoring entrepreneurial students and has Judged Shark Tank Type Competitions for Student Entrepreneurial Pitches. 
  • Kristi Won and Closed with Investor Funding at a Kingdom Investor Shark Tank Style Event for Her Bee Friendly Network™ Public School Program to Combat Bullying, Mental Health and Suicide.
  • ​Whatever The Future Career Goal, Kristi's Self-Educate U Shortcuts to Success Saves Up to Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars with a Focus on Successful Holistic Outcomes Producing Resilient Adults!
  • ​Kristi is also a published Author of Overcoming Obstacles: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph a story of her son's recovery from severe autism which was her first Self-Education Journey discovering to help her son.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You’re ready to change the way your kids are educated and are hungry for a life of peace, joy and freedom.
  • ​You have a special needs child or learning challenged child and wonder if there's a better solution.
  • ​You like being the first to know the best new solutions already proven to produce success because you're proactive about setting your kids' up for their own future success.
  • ​You VALUE YOUR MONEY and want the best way to invest in setting your kids up for a lifetime of success with zero student debt and a quick ROI (Return on your Investment)!
  • ​You desire close connected relationships with your kids now and in the future - faith and family values are foundational for you.
  • ​You love your children and see them as A GIFT FROM GOD entrusted to you to love, treasure and be led by Him to raise.
  • ​You are tired, worn out, discouraged, overwhelmed, or even fearful about the future of education actually working and you want to know what to do.
  • ​You’ve been PRAYING FOR A SIMPLE SOLUTION to set your kids up for holistic success in the best possible way for every area of their life, faith, family, friends and future.You’re ready to change the way your kids are educated and are hungry for a life of peace, joy and freedom.
  • ​You want to restore your own personal health, energy, joy and love of life because you're feeling kind of zapped at times...or maybe all the time...and you're ready for a positive change.
  • ​You believe that faith should be the foundation for your family.
  • ​You’ve been desiring a safe community where you can grow, be supported, and encouraged with being a mom while setting your kids up for success.
  • ​You’ve felt beat down and discouraged, felt alone or isolated maybe even felt guilty for not loving your life as a mom right now and wondered if you’re missing out on something new that could transform your life and your family.
  • ​You’ve tried other things and wondered why it's just not getting better.


What Others Are Saying About
Kristi & Self-Educate U

Self-Educate U Student Who Got Paid to Get Educated👇

From Overwhelmed Homeschool Mom to Peace, Hope and Freedom👇

Heather Kennedy
From Former Public, Private & Homeschooler 
to Self-Educate U Alumni & Homeowner by Age 20
When I was in traditional school, I was bullied by my peers and a teacher, regular homeschooling didn't work for our family so doing the Self-Educate U model helped me excel in learning again and heal from all the bad experiences I had in regular school. We ended up moving a lot and doing Self-Educate U allowed me to be set up for success, get some amazing opportunities and be hired in my dream career while still in high school. My mom got very ill and I had 4 siblings and no dad but because I was set up for success through Self-Educate U, when I was just 20 years old, I was able to buy our family a 6-bedroom 3,700 sq. ft. dream home with my sister. It was a huge blessing. With a big family and all we had been through having a new home was miraculous! Plus, best of all, my mom was able to rest and heal completely. So, if you’re a parent thinking of doing Self-Educate U for your kids, I would say go for it! There’s no student debt and the focus is on future success in all areas of life. What if your kids’ dream future started now rather than years from now?
Preston Mainard
From Former Public Schooler to Self-Educate U Alumni
and Director of IT & Business Owner
I never really had bad teachers but I felt like they were just teaching for testing. And I know now, I had continued on that path, I’d be severely behind where I am now. I started with Self-Educate U at age 13 and by 17 I was offered a full time position for a large rapidly expanding organization through the DFW Metroplex and now at 20 I’m Director of IT handling a multimillion dollar budget plus I also started my own IT company traveling across the US doing what I love for some of the largest global companies. Because I switched to Self-Educate U, I know my parents are really, really proud of me and all I’ve accomplished, especially with zero student loan debt! If you’re thinking about working with Self-Educate U and Kristi Kennedy, I can vouch for them 100%. There’s something special about them and their ability to pour into me. It’s really been a blessing to me. I can’t help but think I wouldn’t be in the successful spot I’m in today if it wasn’t for them. 
I can’t thank them enough. And anyone who is considering working with them should definitely do it!
Joy Babcock, Widow of Five
Former Homeschool Mom to 
Grateful Self-Educate U Shortcutter
I wish I had started Self-Educate U sooner! 
I see the joy of learning coming back for my kids. And that is a beautiful thing. I wanted my kids to love learning and through Self-Educate U they have been doing that. I would highly encourage you just to take the jump. It’s so well laid out and it makes so much sense. You know in your heart that this is the right thing because you have peace and your kids at the same time are having peace. It really was a beautiful transition that was not a hard one.
Leslee D. Matthews, Esq. LMSW
Attorney | Social Worker | Advocate
Kristi has an incredible way of overcoming life’s barriers to success. She is resilient, caring, intelligent and willing to share what she knows to help others. This program will help other parents and those caring for children in ways they may not have thought of to make what seems impossible, possible. Whether it’s serving in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, New Orleans, or all the way in Hawaii, I know I can count on Kristi to meet the needs of the community.

Lawrence Swicegood, Former US Whitehouse Advanced Team Member

“I think education with a kid going four years, sitting in a classroom, is forever changed. The world has changed and you better get ready to change with it or you’re going to be left behind.”

From ADHD & ADD to Success! A Self-Educate U Story👇

Jenni Diaz, Mom of Three

I don’t think words do her justice! She has made me a better mom and a better me. Her solid and God-filled advice has been a blessing to my family! I’ve spent a lot of time in the past working in audio engineering with her youngest son and I have told my husband on numerous occasions that if our boys grow up to be half the man she’s raised him to be, we’ll have done our job well!”

Kyra Andre, RN Mom of Three

Every time I met one of Kristi’s children, I always knew they were hers instantly. Every one of them was raised to be kind, gracious, gentle, and hardworking. Kristi is one of the most amazing women I have ever met, and what she accomplished with so many children as a single mom is a testament of the strength and grace she herself possesses.

Dr. Tammy, DO

“As a mother, I am inspired by Kristi’s dedication to her children and my respect for her as a doctor is unparalleled.”

Diana Ferrer, RN Mom of Four

"As a mom who has weathered many storms, Kristi stands as a great example of unrelenting love and devotion. She humbly cares for her family while bearing the weight of single parenting. Kristi is intentional about teaching her children and being present with them."

Samantha Golden, Women's Pastor

Kristi is a dedicated woman, mother, teacher and friend who walks out her core beliefs about the Father, parenting and discipleship. I’ve met very few single moms that have been able to work, self-educate, speak, write and do it all well.”

Nicole, Mom of One

"Kristi has been an inspiration to me in the area of parenting. She has amazing kids that are kind and hard working. I've found her advice at various stages in my own parenting journey to be practical and non-judgmental. I'm grateful for her help through the tough spots."

Bonnie Ruth

She is brilliant at teaching and training her children to be the best them! She’s wise in navigating tough situations and shows up as mom and friend as needed. Her children are incredible humans, brave, wise, kind, smart and talented. A beautiful reflection of how how they have been lead by their mom!”

Leah, Family Counselor, Mom of Three

"I do not know of another person who will fight harder for her children than Kristi. She has overcome surmountable odds and has raised five amazing people during some really hard times. Everything she does oozes grace, strength, and an unshakeable trust in God. I have much respect and love for her."

Kristi H, Pastor's Wife

"We were so blessed by her testimony and all that she shared to help us see God’s power and provision in every aspect of our lives. Would encourage any church/ministry to have her speak to your ladies. They will be blessed!”
Larry, Pastor Family Ministry
Kristi is a powerful resource for people of all ages. She has a powerful story of survival and resilience that is inspiring. I am excited that she will help children, families, and communities develop important life skills and character. As people develop meaningful lives and relationships, they engage in meaningful work which creates an infrastructure of a great society. 
Daniel & Lucy, Parents of 7
Parenting is hard work if you ask any mom or dad! Every season is different. Every child is different. Kristi does such a great job. I have watched her kids grow up to be such amazing kids with traits that are hard to find in an age. Kristi has done an amazing job. Her five great children are the fruit of her labor. She can stand proud. 
She's helped our family navigate well.
Scott, JD, Father
People buy into the leader first; then they buy into the vision. That has been true for me. Kristi Kennedy, has thoroughly impressed me with her servant leadership. I admire her always-thorough preparation, relentless work ethic, deep Christian faith, selfless passion to serve others, and humble confidence to empower team members! 

David, Father & Business Owner
I’ve had the extreme pleasure and honor of working with Kristi Kennedy. She is professional with an excellent balance of customer focus and business model practice. In working with her we experienced a leap forward in productivity. I very much trust Ms. Kennedy. She is very effective in patiently managing the vision, understanding all involved and attaining the goal while including and honoring all levels. I highly recommend her.

Carl, Father of Five

I will forever be thankful to know the Kennedy family. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences working with them. I know they have been through some very difficult times, but I’ve never heard them complain. Always polite. Always thoughtful. I don’t know what their life has been like in the past, but I do know what I’ve seen of their present and it’s something I aspire to. Kristi’s children all speak highly of her, and all show her immense respect and it’s a blessing to see. I didn't get to see much of the planting, but I am honored to see the fruit. Kristi is doing something right and we are all benefiting from it.

Rick, CFO, Father of Four

“Kristi provides a clear and concise message from other speakers I’ve seen. She’s able to keep the audience captivated with her realism and connection. I’ve known and worked with Kristi on a professional level. She impressed me so much…I highly recommend her.

Lee, Pastor Spiritual Development

I recommend Kristi Kennedy as a person of high character and personal integrity who exhibits both an impressive skill set and a strong work ethic. Her interaction with our people was warm yet professional and she brought considerable expertise. I believe Kristi will be an asset for anyone she is associated with. We definitely benefited from her skilled efforts and I have no doubt you will as well.

We Believe That Parenting Is a Privilege and Children Are a Gift From God With a Calling to Fulfill and Generations to Transform.

It’s NOT Traditional Homeschooling.
It's NOT Traditional Public schooling.
It's NOT Traditional Private schooling.

Self-Educate U Roadmap + Shortcuts + Commitment Is How I (Kristi) Went From…

...a solo parent battling illness, moving 17 times (plus, homeless 3 times) our first five years on our own. By God's grace...raising five super successful kids through Self-Educate U's Shortcuts and each was offered positions in their dream careers BEFORE they graduated from high school. Each loving and serving the Lord. And each rising above co-workers who had years of schooling, thousands in student debt and were many years older. Best of all, discovering how to have happy, healthy kids who love, honor and connect within our home.

I Help Faith Driven, Proactive Parents Shortcut Their Kids Success Through Accelerated Self-Education Without Traditional... Public, Private or Home Schooling 🙌

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